The team set down and discussed a way for the show to give awards to players and maybe even one or two to guest and we came up with the BigBear and Burghy awards. Alot of peole have asked will these awards come to an end due to Burghy leaving the show? The answer is a simple one NO!!!! Burghy will join the show for this big award night and we will keep the BigBear and Burghy Awards. 




The BigBear & Burghy 1st Award Show

On Super Bowl Sundays show, we had our first every Football Award Show. We gave out game balls, Rookie awards all the way to the MVP award. Some of the winners may shosk you but others will make total since. So here we go and enjoy the AWARDS...

First up our game balls. We gave out three game balls, One for a Offensive player, another for a Defensive guy and the last one for a Special Teamer. This was a hard award to hand out becouse a lot of players could recieve this one. We have narrowed it down to our best of the best.

Offensive Game Ball:Micheal Turner of the Falcons- The was no second guessing this one for us. When he left the Chargers no one thought anything of it, however as we all know now he made an instant impact as the number one back there. His numbers were: 376 carries for 1,699 yards and 17 td's as he help turn the falcons in to a playoff team after a loseing season.

Defensive Game Ball: Troy Polamalu of the Steelers- Without doublt Troy brings a force with him no mater where he is at. If you are setting up to play the Pittsburgh Steelers you got to make sure you players know where he is at all times. The guy puts his body on the line just to make the play. I have a ton of respect for him and he has earn this award.

Special Team's Game Ball: Allen Rossum of the 49ers- This was a spot that had three to four guys that could of took this award but we decided to give it to Rossum. He did bring a impact to the team. Before he join the 49ers from the Steelers the Special Teams suffered through seasons and stugeled to get yards. With Rossum he set the Offense in a better place to score. Teams were always worried about the big return. Up until he got injured he led the Whole NFC when Return Yardage


Surprise Player Of The Year: Matt Cassel of the Patriots- No mater Like or hate the team when Brady went down most including us wrote the team off. Well in steps Matt and he did a great job filling in at QB. They were even in the playoff picture till the final week of the season. His numbers were: 327/516,YARDS-3,693,TD-21.

The Mud Award: Plex of the Giants- The Mud Award was named after the Show given the name "ASS CLOWN CIRCUS", the Mud Show. This award is given to the team, player, coach, ect that acted like a total jerk off and none go better with this category then Plex. So congrats Dumbass.

Hardest Hitter: Ryan Clarck of the Steelers- Man oh man if you watch this guy play this year then you know why he is getting this one. The guy laid out some of the leagues top guy though the year. There is two hits I remember real well the hit on Wes Welker which left the Patriot's Player out cold for a bit. The most recent was the hit that sent the Ravens running back to a Pittsburgh Hospital. Some say his hits should get him punished becouse they are not along with the rules. These hits as far as I can see were liget and Clarck deserves this award.

Offensive Rookie Of The Year: Eddie Royal of the Broncos-  This kid had a good year and will be a beast in the NFL for years to come. Denver made a right choice on picking him up. I do have a felling we will be hear his name many times next season.

Defensive Rookie Of The Year: Dominique Rogers-Cromartie of the Cardnials- He made a great impact in his rookie season but more importantly he made a impact in the NFC playoffs. He had 4 ints but also had many tip balls and knock aways.

Rookie Of The Year: Joe Flaco of the Ravens- It was instant that we realized this guy can control the game. He realy show this when it came to the end of the season into the playoffs. He took charge of the team and showed true leadership.

Offensive Player Of The Year: Larry Fitzgerald of the Cardnials- Well do I realy need to explain why he is getting this award. He put up big number but was very imprsive in the playoff breaking some records on his way to the Super Bowl.

Defensive Rookie Of The Year: Ed Reed of the Ravens- If you threw the ball around him 9 out of 10 time he would be you best wide reciever. One problem with that is he plays Defense not Offense LOL.

Player Of The Year: Drew Brees of the Saints- If Drew was on a different team with top ranker WR's then hes playoff bound maybe even the Super Bowl. He once again put up some good numbers but no playoffs.


Coach Of The Year: Ken Whisenhunt of the Cardnials & Mike Tomlin of the Steelers- We couldnt decide on which coach so we chose both. They both led their teams to the Super Bowl in only their second year.


MVP: Kurt Warner of the Cardnials- We are not like all these other shows and go with the "commen" choice which is Payton Manning instead we gave it to a guy who helped his team turn the corner and win the NFC West.