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Posted by bigbearministries on August 18, 2009 at 4:44 PM Comments comments (47)



This weekend upon turning on the TV I ran across this story that Raiders head coach Tom Cable cold clocked a assistant. First I was speechless and then I couldn’t stop laughing.

Fans of all 32 teams are use to hearing of fights in the off-season or training camps but between players not coaches. Now I do not know the whole reasoning behind this fight nor do I really care but for a team that wants to move forward they took a huge step backwards. If your staff will not get a long then please explain to me how do you truly expect you team to. If you head coach is hitting other members of his coaching staff what makes you think when your QB gets pissed off at a WR he just doesn’t walk up and try to knock him out. If you honestly think this was good for your Raiders, I hate to break it to you but it is bad for you guys. When two players get in a shoving match I can buy it being good in some points like getting pumped up or even showing some passion however these two guys are not players but the guys that are the one leading you into the fires. These coaches should be on the same page but they are not. So Raider fans I know you are use to seeing this B.S. over and over but get use to it. That’s all I got for now but hey thanks for the great laugh. This is a black eye for the Raiders and there fans but a big joke to everyone else. So until next time this is your host Bigbear saying Raiders=JOKE.





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Diva rookies seem to be a norm in the NFL these days. I really take issues with rookies asking for a freakin arm and a leg money when they have not proven them self. Most of you know who I am talking about, yes Michael Crabtree heads that list. Well there are a few others on that same list. I agree you got to take care of your self, but a rookie has to also prove him self. Now those Divas may say well vets get their money when they hold out, but check this those vets also have proven them self’s and deserve that big pay day. What have you proven if you have not even taken the danm field. I will tell you what you have proven “ZERO” and until you prove something on the field why in hell should you get the contract that comes with that big paycheck? There are a few player for example that got a big check like Curry that’s not making this easy. Curry was a great player in the NCAA but this is not the NCAA it’s the NFL. Aaron Curry just signed his contract with those Seahawks for 60 million with 34 million guarantied. This money makes him the highest paid rookie that is not a QB in the NFL history. That’s a lot of cash and if he is not worth it I will be the first to laugh about that one. You also have other rookies taken later in the first round that want a top ten pay check and I say that’s funny. You also have the 49ers top pick WR Michael Crabtree out of Texas Tech who was projected to be snatched in the top five but started to drop and we all expected the Raiders to take him but instead passed and sent him down to the tenth pick. At number ten the 49ers saw the best player on the Board and took him. Is it Crabtree’s fault he fell to ten and was not taken inside the top five NO, but like wise it was not the 49ers fault. Crabtree is a good player, unproven but good and should prove it so then he can take the paycheck.

I also take an issue with his “adviser” aka his cousin David Wells. He goes on a spots program opens his danm mouth and says “His Cousin is willing to sit out the whole season and re-enter the draft.” This comment make me laugh because first he is coming off an injury so he needs to get into camp, second do you honestly believe if he re-enters the draft he will be top ten pick because he might fall to the second round and  you might be lucky to grab a nice 15 million. The key word there lucky, however if you re-enter the draft your luck might be running out.  You played the wrong card Mr. Wells because Eugene Parker came out and said he has no idea were this threat is coming from, and now I believe the 49ers have the upper hand. Do you think this smoke screen is fooling the 49ers well I think not. You see some may say this is not a smoke screen but if it is not then Mr. Wells and Eugene Parker are the two worst business men in the world and very stupid. When it comes to Parker I don’t believe he’s stupid or a bad business man because he did awesome work with Stephen Jackson and Rod Woodson, now when it comes to Wells that another story.

A few things need to take place, Crabtree stop hiding behind people if your not going to sign then state it NOW. Mr. Parker you should also advise you client to fire his dim-wit cousin and move on. The final things you guys need to do SIGN THE DANM CONTRACT or just shut up. That’s it for now so this is your host Bigbear saying Peace oh and kids just say NO!!!




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